Instituto Latinoamericano de Biotecnología MECHNIKOV S.A. is a high technology modern platform for the development and manufacturer of immunobiological products. The Instituto MECHNIKOV has a team of qualified specialists trained to carry out technological transfers of new products and to provide contract manufacturing for immunobiological products under strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, which guarantees the validated technological flows, the quality and condition of the product and the delivery dates of the agreed quantities.

Latinamerican Institute of Biotecnology MECHNIKOV, S.A. is a Nicaragua based company wich isdedicated to:

  • Research, develop, produce and sell wholesale in Nicaragua and abroad
    biological products (vaccines) and with sufficient installed capacity to
    represent in LAC pharmaceutical companies located in different countries of the world allowing exploit installed capacity;
  • Market and negotiatecapacity contracts and productive services for the manufacture of products immunobiological and pharmaceutical;
  • Carry out the negotiation of technology transfers from other entities, including the packaging and manufacturing of products using the capabilities productive surpluses. 


  • The protection of future generations for the prevention of viral diseases and constant search for new opportunities to increase the quality of life and
    health of citizens of LAC countries;
  • The support and promotion ofvaccination as the most effective measure of disease prevention virals and epidemics;
  • Offer medications from certified quality through the use of technology that complies with international standards, in order to fully satisfy the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, generating medicines at affordable prices for the benefit of human health, which allows the growth of the company, and the benefit of the Latin American population.

The combination of the potential of MECHNIKOV, S.A. and the opportunity offered by target markets (LAC), has led the MECHNIKOV Institute to define the following vision: Instituto Latinoamericano de Biotecnología MECHNIKOV, S.A. It will become a recognized pharmaceutical company in Latin America capable of meeting the immunological and therapeutic requirements of the broader sectors of the Latin American and Caribbean population.