Today we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the inauguration of the MECHNIKOV Institute Plant!

Our colleagues, partners, friends! Today we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the inauguration of the MECHNIKOV Institute!

In these five years we have done a great job and we want to thank you for being with us, for supporting us and for helping to overcome difficulties.

It all started in July 2014, when the St. Petersburg Institute of Vaccines and Serums and the Nicaraguan Institute signed a memorandum to establish a vaccine production factory.

In February 2015, the presidents of the two countries, Russia and Nicaragua met to discuss the future of the project and only a month later the entity Instituto Latinoamericano de Biotecnología MECHNIKOV, S.A. was created.

In December 2015 the first stone was solemnly laid, and the large-scale construction process of the first vaccine production plant in Central America began.
In 2016, our Institute opened its doors.

Since that day, the best specialists from Russia and Nicaragua work within the walls of the plant for the benefit of # nbsp; the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean.
The MECHNIKOV Institute during its work supplied; more than 15 million doses of the influenza vaccines FLU-M and VAIF.

It obtained the certification of:
• State Center for the Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED, Cuba)
• Ministry of Industry and # nbsp; Commerce of Russia (MINPROMTORG - Russia)
• Recognition of the GMP CECMED certified by the Directorate of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health of Nicaragua

Likewise, four Sanitary Registration Certificates:
• FLU-M and VAIF Sanitary Registration Certificate in Cuba
• FLU-M and VAIF Sanitary Registration Certificate in Nicaragua
• VAIF Sanitary Registration Certificate in El Salvador, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic • Medicine Certificate FLU-M and VAIF service; in Venezuela

The vaccines of the MECHNIKOV Institute are present in 7 countries:
• Nicaragua
• Cuba
• El Salvador
• Guatemala
• Dominican Republic
• Ecuador
• Venezuela

And yesterday, on October 20, 2021, our Institute announced its cooperation with the Chumakov Center, together with which we will join the fight against; Covid-19, and we will start the production of the CoviVac vaccine.
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