Russian biotechnology offers to fight coronavirus in Latin America

The Russian offer may be the best option for Latin America in the face of the coronavirus. The country has an advanced biotechnology industry and successful international experience. In this context, the Latin American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV, a vaccine plant constructed in Nicaragua with russian technology, is an exemplary case.

Its general manager, Stanislav Uiba, indicated in conversation with Radio Sputnik that the innovative center - whose headquarters is the Scientific Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums of Saint Petersburg - will have # nbsp; in the medium term a vaccine that will guarantee immunity against COVID-19, the result of "a fairly aggressive program" that is being carried out "at this time" to develop a definitive solution to the disease. He reported that by this month of August there will be "at least three vaccine candidates" against the coronavirus, that is if, "they have passed the preclinical studies with success."

Meanwhile, MECHNIKOV  Institute is already contributing to the public health of the region, its "main and initial product" - the influenza vaccine, that activates immune mechanisms that not only fight the flu, but also make the organism more resistant to other diseases and infectious, including the coronavirus.

In addition to Nicaragua, the regional countries that are already receiving the vaccine are Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela, with concrete steps to expand the geographic scope of supplies, a strategy that has the support of the National Committee for Economic Collaboration with the Countries of America Latina, a Moscow-based entity that deals with promoting ties between the parties.

"We also have other development vectors distributing other vaccines of interest here in Latin America, for example, against yellow fever, hepatitis or rotavirus," he added.
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