Vaccination 2020

The Latin American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV, on May 4 of this year, carried out a vaccination program against influenza for its collaborators and their families with the same vaccine manufactured by the Institute.

Preventive vaccination against Flu allows minimizing the risks of co-infection both in medical personnel and in risk groups, which coincide with the risk groups most affected by COVID-19. Reducing the burden of influenza virus infection on the health system and economies allows these resources to be dedicated to the fight against other diseases in the current global situation.

The WHO document "Guidelines for immunization during the COVID-19 epidemic" issued on March 26 of this year, points out the importance of preventive vaccination against influenza.

In the same way, masks are being used and the temperatures of employees and visitors are being taken. Taking hygiene measures with hand washing, applying alcohol and cleaning the place with disinfectants at all times is a primary need in the current situation. We thank all the collaborators of the MECHNIKOV Institute for complying with the hygiene and safety measures, and it is hoped that in this way we can protect ourselves against COVID-19.