Instituto MECHNIKOV, the only plant in Central America that will provide Latin America with anticovid vaccines

The Latin American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV, a vaccine plant constructed in Nicaragua with Russian technology, is working to become a major supplier of COVID-19 vaccines for Latin America - this task is now a priority for this innovative center that already supplies the region with biological products.

This is what the general manager of the MECHNIKOV Institute, Stanislav Uiba, told Sputnik exclusively, interviewed in the framework of this edition of the # nbsp; International Economic Forum of St. Petersburg.

He indicated that negotiations are already progressing with several partners to start producing anticovid vaccines "at the facilities of the # nbsp; MECHNIKOV Institute", where emphasis is placed on those biologicals that need a temperature of between two and eight degrees for their conservation, given the particularities of the Latin American region. He indicated, in this context, that the MECHNIKOV Institute seeks to start producing the Russian vaccine CoviVac, "elaborated and produced by the Chumakov Federal Scientific Center." Another Russian product is the Sputnik Light vaccine, although its storage conditions are "stricter" than those of CoviVac or Covaxin, a COVID-19 vaccine from the Indian manufacturer Bharat Biotech, with which the MECHNIKOV Institute is also involved. "In the process of negotiations". In addition, he highlighted the anti-coronavirus vaccine being developed by the Saint Petersburg Institute for Scientific Research on Vaccines and Serums, which is the headquarters of the MECHNIKOV Institute.

If talking about the deadlines for making these types of transfers to start commercial production, that depends a lot on the part that owns the product, but we, the MECHNIKOV Institute, are ready to start the transfer today »
S. Uiba.

He also recalled that the "initial and main product" of the Mechnikov Institute are influenza vaccines, while work continues to "expand" the supply of biologicals for the region, as well as collaboration with regional institutions such as the Revolving Fund of the Pan American Health Organization, a solidarity cooperation mechanism through which vaccines, syringes and related supplies are purchased on behalf of its member states.

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