Nicaraguan Pharmaceutical Chemistry students share experiences

As part of the activities organised by the project BIONICA, which is coordinated by the plant vaccines, “MECHNIKOV” and the UNAN-Managua, from 26 October to 02 November is carried out in the UNAN-León Camp BIONICA, in which students of the careers of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacy of the two universities to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of biotechnology with students of the fifth year of secondary education the National Institute of the West “Bob Lackey” of a Lion.

According to MSc. Sara Negaresh, Coordinator of the career of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering, the UNAN-Managua as the initiator of the project has provided support to students of the UNAN-León so that they can develop the activities in the camp, "the first edition of BIONICA was conducted in our University with the children of the workers of the plant and seeing the good results we think about bringing this experience with the high school students here. The biotechnology promotion project is unique at the national level and we are proud to share it," he said.

MECHNIKOV's Human Resources Director, Dr Helena Kazakova, mentioned that
"MECHNIKOV has played a key role in this project. The follow-up and accompaniment that has been provided, in addition to the establishment of work with the Universities, has allowed to obtain good results that benefit students. We also intend to take it to other regions of the country."

In this event, secondary students will have the opportunity to visit the facilities of the UNAN-Managua and the vaccine plant located in Managua, where it will be the closure and they will be granted recognition of participation.