The Latin-American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV is a modern high-tech platform designed for the development and product manufacturing of immunobiological products. The Institute MECHNIKOV has a team of highly qualified specialists to carry out technological transfers of new products and provide contract production services for immunobiological preparations under strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), securing optimized technological flows, quality requirements of the product and delivery terms.
The Latin American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV is Nicaraguan biofarmaceutical plant that performs the following functions:
  • Reserch, develop, produce and wholesale biological products (vaccines) in the Republic of Nicaragua and in other LAC countries, complying with quality requirements and delivery times.
  • Provide maquila services to provide a broader access of innovative manufacturing companies at an international level.
  • Expand our own product portfolio to ensure universal access to quality medicines for the population.
  • To protect future generations through the prevention of viral diseases and the constant search for new opportunities to improve the quality of life and health of the citizens of LAC countries.
  • Support and promote vaccination as the most effective measure for the prevention of viral diseases and epidemics.
  • Offer certified quality through the use of technology that complies with international standards and the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, manufacturing medicines at affordable prices for the benefit of human health, and LAC region people.
To become a recognized pharmaceutical company in Latin America capable of meeting the immunological and therapeutic requirements of the broader sectors of the population of LAC region.
We are open and ready to answer any questions:
E-mail: info@mechnikov.org
Telephone: +505 2299-2277
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