The Latinamerican Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV, S.A., is a modern high-tech platform for the development and manufacture of immunobiological products. The MECHNIKOV Institute, has a team of highly qualified specialists to carry out technological transfers of new products and to provide contract manufacturing services of immunobiological preparations under strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices, which guarantee optimized technological flows, requirements quality of the product and apart from that delivery dates of the negotiated quantities.
The Latin American Institute of Biotechnology MECHNIKOV, S.A., is a plant located in Nicaragua that performs the following functions:
Research, develop, produce and wholesale in Nicaragua and abroad, biological products (vaccines) with sufficient productive capacity to represent pharmaceutical companies located in different countries of the world.
Market and negotiate contracts for productive services for the manufacture of immunobiological and pharmaceutical products.
Carry out the negotiation of technology transfers from other entities, including the packaging and manufacturing of products using surplus productive capacities.
  • The protection of future generations through the prevention of viral diseases and the constant search for new opportunities to improve the quality of life and health of the citizens of LAC countries.
  • Support and promotion of vaccination as the most effective measure for the prevention of viral diseases and epidemics.
  • Offer certified quality through the use of technology that complies with international standards and the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices, generating medicines at affordable prices for the benefit of human health, and Latin American population specificaly.
MECHNIKOV, S.A., will become a recognized pharmaceutical company in Latin America capable of meeting the immunological and therapeutic requirements of the broader sectors of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean.
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